What is Aspire For Life? How does the weight loss program work?

Dr Tim Lindley talks candidly about the Aspire For Life weight loss program. This video contains information on the history of the program, research results and success stories. Dr Lindley works in New Zealand as Business Manager, Food and Biomaterials at Plant & Food Research, and heads up the Aspire For Life team. Dear Aspire team, 12 weeks later and 20 kg lighter – Aspire has really turned my life around! “Many people (including me) think that serious extra weight is irreversible and will be never come off, unless they do something extreme like a dramatic weight loss diet or surgery. I am evidence that this is not true! Aspire worked for me as an accessible and easily adaptable programme – I even managed to fit it around many business lunches, eating out on several multi-day trips, Easter etc. Aspire has changed my attitude to and appreciation of food, but the key driver has been the gain in fitness and well-being the weight-loss has almost been a bonus. How empowering to realise that I could implement a new lifestyle in a relatively easy fashion AND regain energy and fitness! For me it started with an easy ride on the push-bike to and from work. Then I kept challenging myself by climbing some steeper hills in weekends too. It was hard when I started but has gradually become quite satisfying. In the end, Aspire is not an easy fix but about true lifestyle changes where health, healthy choices and fitness go hand-in-hand. Thanks Aspire!” Best wishes, Huub Four years of

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