Weight Loss Program From New Zealand Gains Momentum

Four years of scientific research by Plant & Food Research, New Zealand, has produced a program that is simple, effective, easy to follow and fun! The plan will help you reduce your weight to where you want it, enjoy your food, have more energy and feel great. Program highlights: -Great tasting and practical food recipes suitable for the whole family -Food and exercise guidelines that can be revisited time and time again -New and relevant pointers to assist lifestyle changes on a weekly basis -Feedback from a dietician who will be monitoring progress and diet -Easy access to the professional team and other participants from your own computer. -Online tools for monitoring your progress and your diet As part of the scientific analysis, the web based Aspire for Life diet was evaluated in a research study conducted between February and August 2007. The study generated tremendous interest. From more than 700 people volunteering to participate in the study, 103 people were recruited with a BMI of 28 or more for the six month trial. The trial was a success, with 70 participants staying on the programme for the full six months and 75% achieving weight loss. View the Aspire for Life weight loss program web site at www.aspireforlife.com

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