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There has never been a better time to buy Proactol than now. Ok, so we have heard every Real Estate marketer for the last 15 years say there has never been a better time than now to buy property. And our eyes start to glaze over. Here we go again. But in this case, it really is true. The Aussie Dollar is so strong against the US dollar, that often the amount paid is less than the published amount. What I mean is that a US$40 product you can get for $AUD38! This is such a difference from what we are used to from a few years ago when a US$40 product would actually cost us $AUD50 or more.

Now is the time to buy Proactol because it has never been cheaper because of the favourable Australian dollar. How long this will last is not known. Some predict that the Aussie dollar will hit $US1.20 in 2011. It is a bit hard to imagine, but of course it may be possible.

The benefits of Proactol have been widely discussed on this site, so all that is left to do is for people that need to give their weight loss efforts a boost to give it a go. Check it out, you can get Proactol for about $28. And don’t for get to use the 8% discount code found at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Zied

    I am losing beewten 1-2 pounds a week!! As I was seeing the results that Proactol was providing I felt positive about eating more healthily. One thing I really like about Proactol is that on the odd occasions such as birthday parties or weddings I could have a bad couple of days but by taking Proactol it helped prevent further weight gain.


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