Bioresonance. Stop Smoking Bioresonance. Quit Smoking Bioresonance. Bioresonance Therapy. “Close Up” Bioresonance Documentary on Prime Time NZ TV. Mark Sainsbury of New Zealand TV Close Up team described how a new miracle machine is helping people kick the smoking habit. The machine boasted a 70% success rate in stopping cigarette users craving after just one hit. The programme showed three volunteers from the TV channel going to the clinic in Auckland and all quitting smoking effortlessly after just one session. The TV channel was inundated with inquires about the smoking machine that was featured on the show. The BioResonance “Stop Smoking” program was demonstrated by practitioner Helen Loveday based in New Zealand. However, the same Bioresonance therapy is also available in the United Kingdom and in Australia. Nicotine has an electromagnetic charge over your body, giving you the craving to smoke. The bioresonance machine inverts the energy patterns of nicotine which are then passed to the body via electrodes. This process produces Phase Cancellation, which means that the electromagnetic charge of nicotine is reduced. Therefore, it becomes easier for the body to eliminate nicotine over the next 24-hours, and your cravings dramatically reduce as your body detoxifies. A lot of people claim that Bioresonance is nothing but a pseudoscience (pretence science). I like to address this with an example. So there is a difference between pretence science, real science and self-evident truth. Here are a few examples Pretence science: All

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