Alli weight loss pills. Are they right for you?

Alli is a weight loss medicine now available from pharmacies in the UK. See for more details. Now let’s have a quick reality check. Alli isn’t a miracle drug. You can’t just pop a pill and lose weight. It needs a big effort on your part to make it work. Alli must be used as part of a low fat, low calorie diet, and you must already be losing weight before you can take Alli. The benefit of Alli is that you should be able to lose 50% more weight by using Alli. A good target weight loss is one or two pounds a week. So by taking Alli as well, for every 2 pounds you lose naturally, Alli can help you lose an extra pound. You need to change your lifestyle permanently to keep the weight off. Alli can help you lose weight, but you can’t carry on taking it for ever. You shouldn’t take Alli for longer than 6 months. How does Alli work? Alli blocks some of the fat digesting enzymes in the gut. This reduces the amount of fat that is digested by about a quarter. The undigested fat cannot be absorbed, which means that you are absorbing less calories, and this helps you to lose extra weight. One Alli capsule should be taken with each of your 3 main meals each day. If you skip a meal, or the meal doesn’t contain fat, then don’t take a capsule. Alli only works in the gut, not in the rest of the body. It isn’t related to any of the dangerous weight loss products of the past, such as Amphetamines or Ephedrine. It does not reduce your appetite, or increase your metabolism

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