Which All Natural Weight Loss Pills should You Avoid?

The majority of today’s all natural weight loss pills have been primarily built as appetite suppressants. They function by telling your body that it is not hungry at all, despite having fewer meals during the day. Although facts have proven their high effectiveness, experts have reiterated that their long term use can often lead you to addiction. In the end, you get more health-related problems than what you used to have before you started using.

With all natural weight loss pills, the weight loss actually only happens while you are actively taking the medication, while maintaining an active exercising lifestyle, facilitated with a healthy diet.

Statistical data, along with user reviews, have proven that such medications are highly effective. However, you still need to consult with your respective physician before you finally decide to use such all natural weight loss pills for your weight loss concerns. Using a drug that can actually be detrimental to your health will only waste your money, or worse, pose grave danger to you.

Ma Huang

Ma Huang, or more commonly known as the Ephedra, has Ephedrine as its active component. Many weight loss products today have this particular component as their main ingredient. This is actually used in most asthma medications. Plus, you will be surprised to know that it is also involved in the chemical make-up of methamphetamine, which is more commonly on the street as Speed. In fact, the 2 drug components, ephedrine and methamphetamine are actually only minimally different from each other.

Although it is true that ephedrine can have some effects when it comes to suppressing your appetite, studies have not yet strongly proven its effects in weight loss. It can also bring about a sudden increase in your blood pressure, irregularity in your heartbeat, nervousness, seizures, insomnia, sudden heart attacks, tremors, strokes, and in a worst case scenario, even death.

Ephedrine has also been known to have its own interactions with today’s most prescribed over the counter drugs. In fact, it was only in the year 2004 that the FDA officially released its banning order on the sale of this particular drug, particularly in diet supplements within the United States.

St. John’s Wort

This all natural weight loss pill is usually used as an antidepressant. Not so many studies have proven its effect in terms of weight loss. If you are using this particular drug, you must remember to avoid any food type that contains tyramine, such as wines, aged cheese, or aged meats. This means that you need to have a conversation with your doctor first before using St. John’s Wort as it may have dangerous effects to your system.


This drug is short for 5-hydroxytryptophan. It is found in many of today’s OTC weight loss products. It is actually extracted from a plant seed found in Western Africa. Since the FDA has already officially banned the sale of tryptophan supplements, 5-HTP has since been put on sale on the former drug’s behalf. When used in large doses, the drug may have huge negative effects on your liver.


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