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Proactol XS now available

,l Proactol XS now available

 The most exciting weight loss product on the market is available in Australia through Proactol XS Australia. But it is not available at the local chemist or Woolworths or Coles.  Currently we have no distribution facility in Australia, but we are working on it. You can order Proactol Australia by clicking online  – You will need the activation code: 205634. Postage is kept to an absolute minimum. There is no worries with getting the product, which is a natural herbal supplement, through Customs – that has been the experience at Proactol Australia.

This 100% medically backed fat binder is perfect if your meals are full of fat – Proactol Australia has a solution. Simply consume as part of a healthy and wholesome weight loss plan and Proactol Australia can assist you to: make up to 28 percent of your dietary fats indigestible, reduce your appetite, decrease your bad cholesterol levels and help you to lose 1-2lbs in excess body fat – that is the benefit of Proactol Australia.

But this is not all, when you reach your target weight loss, you can safely continue to take Proactol Australia for as long as you need, as it contains only the cactus Opuntia ficus-indica. No other ingredients! There are no unwanted colours, fillers or salt, making it 100% side effect free.

Why Choose Proactol Australia?

Proactol offers more than your average fat finder in relation to its long term health benefits. Over the course of 6 extensive medical studies, Proactol was also found to help joint flexibility, reduce aches and pains and help your overall sense of health, making it a beneficial dieting aid for all.


During the last 5 years, news of Proactol’s  capacity to promote natural, risk free weight loss has obtained it lots of acknowledgement in publications from all over the world. From the USA to the UK, Europe to Australia, Proactol has proven itself countless times to be a risk free alternative to weight loss procedures.

Proactol Australia: How does it work?

Formulated of 2 complex fibers – one soluble, one non-soluble – each are necessary for supporting you to reduce your fat content and benefit safe appetite suppression:

Soluble: when this patented fiber encounters bile acids during digestion they bond to form an incredibly viscous gel that not only slows down digestion (helping you to feel fuller for hours), but also hinders the acceptance of glucose into your body (stopping hunger and cravings between dished).

Non-soluble: once this complex fiber encounters fat molecules they bond immediately to form a complex fluid solution which is too big to be taken into your blood stream. Instead up to 28% of your every day dietary fat content is left to pass naturally out of your body, assisting you to lose weight.

Proactol Support

Proactol Australia is supported by the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC); a 6 month money back guarantee, medical acknowledgements, bonuses and 24 hour customer support, dieters can feel 100% rest assured that their body is in safe hands…

Proactol Australia is confident of Proactol’s 6 month money back guarantee alone, should customers find after 120 days of trying this supplement that they haven’t lost any weight, they can take advantage of this refund policy and get a 100% refund. No queries. No catches. If you are not satisfied you can get your money back Proactol Australia.

However after trying this dietary aid ourselves we highly doubt you’ll be unimpressed by Proactol’s detailed customer support and ability to prompt long lasting health benefits.


•    Free membership to

•    60 delicious low fat ingredient lists

•    Free one-on-one exercise routines

•    Comprehensive dieting information and techniques, and

•    A unique weight loss eBook

Proactol truly is worth exploring if you need guidance taking control of your weight loss and starting a journey to a care free, happier lifestyle.

“Right from its natural, organic composition to its novel mode of action of binding (instead burning) with fat efficiently, Proactol™ comes with innovative fitness and weight loss benefits.” – Dr Ikram Abidi

Proactol Australia is made from dried cactus. It works by using soluble and insoluble fiber to help control both your weight loss and healthy again. Not only is the loss supplements Proactol tremendous loss, but available over the counter. It is available worldwide and is approved by the MHRA.

There are a lot of research to determine the effectiveness Proactol Australia. Many users in the study lost more weight without side effects. Proactol Australia reduce calorie consumption, reduces appetite and blood pressure. All this helps you get rid of unwanted body fat.

Weight gain may seem a problem for you, but more than that, diseases associated with obesity is a major problem Proactol Australia. Obesity is the cause of some very serious health problems which can be severe. It makes us rock inside out, but still can not do much about weight. The reason is that they are fat and that is why they can not exercise. The thing with the others that we can put control of our eating habits and the amount of food we eat. Finally, it is impossible to get a product that can help you lose weight. If you also encounter this problem and how this situation, then Proactol Australia  is for you.

Right now is the right time to get into Proactol Australia.


  1. Marizelle

    How much is the 120 tablet trial pack if ordered in Australia?

    1. Proactol Australia (Post author)

      Hi Marizelle
      the cost is USD $64.00 plus USD $5 for standard delivery. $69USD works out to be $63.90n Australian. The exchange rate works in our favour. That is provided you use the standard $5 mail delivery. (Usually arrives within a week)



  2. fil cricri

    How much does Proactol cost?
    I am in Melbourne australia


    1. Proactol Australia (Post author)

      Hi Fil
      the cost is USD $64.00 plus USD $5 for standard delivery. $69USD works out to be roughly $63.90 in Australian dollars. The exchange rate works in our favour. That is provided you use the standard $5 mail delivery. (Usually arrives within a week).

  3. Anjalee

    I live in Canberra. Could I pick it up from you directly?

    kind regards,

    1. Proactol Australia (Post author)

      No I am sorry, the product gets shipped directly from the UK. Takes about 7 days.

  4. Bec

    I am looking at getting a two month supply of the Proactol and was just wondering do you have the deals on that the UK supplier has? The buy two and get one free. If so what are your prices? if not how much do you charge for a two month supply?
    Thanks Bec

    1. Proactol Australia (Post author)

      Hi Bec
      Yes whatever deal you see on the UK site you will get. This site will take you to the UK checkout. Dont forget to use the discount code PROAC8 for even more savings. Should be 5 to 7 days delivery time.



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